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About Us

About Orion Gases

About us

Who We Are?

Welcome and thank you for taking the time to learn our Orion Gases history.

We are the passion and desire of a hardworking family who have been in the air separation and welding supply business for over 40 years years.

As a family owned and operated, fully Canadian and proud of it we stand for absolute quality and desire to serve our dear clients. This is why at the start we made the decision to never be a welding gas distributor but rather a welding gas manufacturer. Orion Gases is the only family owned and operated company to start manufacturing all your industrial and specialty gases from its inception.

Our founder Jani Sila has a plethora of experience running air separation units, as well as major urea plants around the world for various organizations and government bodies. His attention to the right mix the OriMix has made sure that no client has ever complained of a bad gas mixture. The passion that runs through us is much more than operating a business, and that is to satisfy our clients and their needs anytime all the time. Our sales team is highly experienced to give you the right advice and guidance in choosing your gas and your welding equipment at a very competitive price.

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How We Do It?

By being open 7-days a week, longer hours than anyone else in the industry. Producing all our gases in-house to provide the right mix and the right cost. Straight forward pricing that hasn’t increased every few months and an invoice that will never include charges like hazmat or environmental charges etc. Remember if you need a delivery on a Saturday night on New Years Eve, we will be there with a smile to make sure the job gets done. Guaranteed! Orion Gases has established itself as the most customer-friendly service provider, providing all gas solutions and services under one banner. Our offered gases are highly appreciated for their purity and environment friendliness. These gases are highly demanded in industries such as welding industry, automobile industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, food and beverage industry.