Industrial Gases, Specialty Gases & Gas Mixtures

Orion Gases Manufacturers all your five major gases and we can prepare the right mix for any application that suits your needs. These are called the ORI-Mix and are made to be used in the general welding shop to very specific applications.

All our gases are made to fit your needs, whether that is pure gases, industrial gases, industrial mixes, specialty gases, we are here and eager to fulfill your needs.

Orion Gases fills their own cylinders on site everyday and we go through rigorous quality control and are proud to announce that since inception we have never had a bad gas mix.

Typical industrial blends are

Ori-25  (75% Argon, 25% Carbon Dioxide)

Ori-15 (85% Argon, 15% Carbon Dioxide)

Most Common Gases

  • Acetylene
  • Argon
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Oxygen
  • Nitrogen
  • Helium
  • Argon/Oxygen Mix
  • Argon/Helium Mix
  • Argon/Carbon Dioxide mixes
  • Argon/Carbon Dioxide/Oxygen mixes
  • Laser Gases (containing specific mixes of gases)
  • Propane
  • Hydrogen
  • Argon/Hydrogen Mixes

Industrial Gases are offered to our clients in high pressure cylinders in diverse capacities that range from small and medium sized to large sizes commonly by an abbreviation (T 300cuft, K 240cuft, M 140cuft, 80cuft, 60cuft etc). These gases are filled in very strong and safe cylinders and are provided in different quantities. These gases are basically used in industrial processes, such as: welding application, laser cutting/welding, food grade, bars/restaurants, fertilizer, semiconductors, steel-making, oil refining etc. We offer any and all of the gases that is needed to make your applications run smooth at the best prices and never charge on Hazmat, Environmental, fuel surcharge etc.


  • Welding
  • Steel making
  • Automobile industry
  • Gas for discharge light used in Lamp industry, window making
  • Food processing and food packaging Industries
  • Furnaces in metallurgical and chemical industries
  • Process control gas mixture in Petrochemical, Fertilizer, Refinery industries
  • Instrument support gas mixture for Nuclear Counter and Proportional Counter
  • Cooling laser machines

Gas Mixtures

We know that a single pure gas is not always what your application needs. That’s why our experienced chemists and engineers work hard to prepare and certify our line of specialty gas mixtures. And through our experience, we have developed a series of purification techniques to remove critical impurities in our blends to make them as effective and stable as possible.

Our industrial mixes as industry standard allow for a wide range of plus minus errors as this is what is called a dirty mix.  Not with us! We want your welders to be very comfortable and never have to play fine tuning the welders because of a little less or more of one ingredient as previous tank.  Consistency is our passion.

Our normal practice of filling a cylinders for welding applications and laser applications is as follow.

Vent all leftover gas, vacuum the cylinder, purge it, vent it again, deep vacuum to minimal ppm (parts per million), in our wrench tight brass filling station.  This is a slightly longer process and it is also why we have never since inception of having a fill station operational ever had a cylinder come back because of bad mix or impure.

Gas Handling Equipment

We are committed to providing each and every customer with reliable, safe and efficient gas handling equipment to help you maximize your productivity. From flow devices and gas delivery systems to regulators, purifiers and filters, we offer a complete line of equipment to help you meet your most demanding and precise applications.

Specialty Gases

More than just an established leader in the manufacture and distribution of atmospheric, process, and specialty gases and equipment – Orion Gases helps customers maximize their economic performance while minimizing their environmental impact.  Specialty Gases are used where precise gas mixes are needed or single gases with impurities very low to comply with the apparatures needed to be used on.  Most common applications are Laser Machines for cutting.  The laser heads are very sensitive to impurities, humidity, therefore demand a purer version of the gases.  This is done by longer vaccum procedure, sealed threads when filling to ensure no contaminants, and proper purge/vaccum/purge treatment.  After a batch is filled there is always a analysis of the batch to make sure it comforts to client’s needs.  When done right Specialty gases can really drive reliability on your laser, slower downtimes for clean and re-build.  We are commited to the outmost quality assurance!