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propane solutions

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At Orion we know how important it is to keep the forklifts running, the heat going during the winter months and the tar liquid for roofing and paving.  No matter what your situation is we can help to facilitate your needs by responding faster, getting to your site quicker, and being very competitively priced.  We are open 7 days a week, so we don’t stop working.  Our clients are hard working businesses who work hard around the clock to build their businesses and meet their targets.  Why should we take a holiday when our clients aren’t?!

Forklift cylinder features:

  • Durable construction
  • Designed for lightweight strength
  • Bright, shiny, smooth finish
  • Rust-free and corrosion-resistant
  • Comfortable hand-holds in the collar for easier lifting
  • Multiple valve configurations adaptable to customer needs
  • Easy and light to handle, increasing delivery efficiency and decreasing lifting injuries
  • Non-sparking for greater safety
  • Clean, dry and flake-resistant interiors


We Work Hard

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Our large selection of propane cylinders include

  • Superior durability and economy
  • Two-piece construction with one horizontal weld for a stronger, better-looking cylinder with less chance of leakage
  • Designed for lightweight strength
  • Rugged, damage-resistant all-steel construction
  • Economical product line
  • Outstanding delivery and service
  • Multiple valve configurations adaptable to customer needs
  • Dry, clean interiors

propane cylinder refill

Get your propane cylinders refilled at our propane refill stations. We fill gas grill cylinders, forklift tanks, and motor vehicle tanks. Why get your tank refilled instead of exchanging it? You get to own and keep your own tank. Get your job done, workers warm, the steak medium rare.

When you come to Orion Gases, re-filling a propane tank should be as easy as 1-2-3.  Stop by the office, come to the propane dock to fill the tank, leave happy knowing you didn’t waste time and money.

We on our part value your time but we will make sure to check your cylinder for defects, in-date service, check all the valves to make sure, your safety and your loved ones is never compromised.

Always store a propane cylinder upright when transporting, in a well ventilated place.


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